Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Get down here and get some holiness in you, ya heathen!"

So we're gonna do two separate emails cause the server went defective last week. Quote from a lady we taught who was trying to convince her roommate to come down and join us. :)

Sidenote: While most of the previous quotes were in a backwoods Southern accent, most of the current one will be city-dwelling black folks. Love it! :)

Ok, lots to say.

P-day adventure:
Sis Jones and I went to help Sis Reed (a senior missionary doing welfare service here) clean her blinds. Quite the adventure! Who even knew you were supposed to clean blinds. It invovled nothing short of disassembling every blind in the house, mixing together many chemicals (which, i'm no housekeeper but i'm pretty sure was borderline toxic...) and hosing the blinds down in the shower. it was truly a grand adventure. preceded by a blissful hilly run in the rain and proceeded by amazing mango chicken fajitas from Sis Reed. Don't worry though that we forgot many crucial parts of our missionary clothes to change back into for our lesson we went to afterwards so that was an adventure!

So we went to teach this guy who was baptized a few years ago but hasn't been to church in a couple years. we went into his house and he's like 6' 11" and has a knife collection on his wall. for work he organizes poker tournaments. what the? but we went and visited with him. for as gruff as he seems he's also actually a poet and after we came and taught him more about the gospel, he just kept thanking us for coming and helping him to feel again what he'd felt before when he realized these things are true. he wants his wife to get baptized and to raise his little baby in the church. see, the gospel IS for everyone. :)

so there's this family in the ward who with every new missionary forces them to eat 3 ice cream snicker's bars before they can leave their house. (after forcing them to eat a ridiculously huge meal). they shout things at you in their crazy haitan accents like, "come on, a baby could eat that!" until you do it. what? but don't worry, i'd been training my whole life for that moment. i intentionally ate my meal super slow so they wouldn't notice i hadn't eaten a ton, and then pounded away 3 snickers ice cream bars. i mean, when else in my life could i have done that without feeling guilty? not that it didn't still involve a tummy ache after. :) and to think, my family mocked me for being addicted to desserts.

Teaching Steven is such a dream. Getting him ready for baptism took almost no effort on our part. he'd read more than we gave him and he'd tell us all about what he learned. he took notes at every lesson. if we hadn't called him that day to check in, he'd call us. he always had really thought-provoking questions and thoughts. and he was coming from a non-Christian background. this kid is AMAZING!!!! he was worried about being able to keep the sabbath day holy cause it's the only day he doesn't work or go to school. he's seriously going non-stop. but he knows the Lord will help him. oh, he called me to see if since his parents said he might not be able to go to all of church every week since they said family and the family business come first, if he could still get baptized. what?! this kid is so hard-core. if only we were all that serious about our commitments we make to God. he knows this is a lifelong commitment that is to be made with his whole heart and that he is to be as obedient to God's commandments as possible. he's such a champ! i'm so excited for the amazing things he's going to do as a member of the church!

Lilburn is still great. sis jones and i are loving every minute serving here! :)happy easter wishes! :)

--sis c

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