Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Heavenly Father is really...nice."

ah! only 10 min left adn SO much to write. quote is from sis jones. her profound statement after comtemplating all the miracles we've seen this week. :) love it!

too many stories to tell. most of the cool things happening are with kids or teenagers.

this family the parents are memebers of the chruch but haven't been for yrs. the kids are both not and know close to nothing about God. sad. so we visited them-- 16 yr-old boy named destiny and 14-yr old girl named sunshine. we've taught them just a little so far but we gave destiny a chapter in the book of mormon to read and he read 10. no big deal. he said it made him feel good and confident because he felt like it's what the Lord wants him to do. rock on! now if the parents will get in gear enough to get these amazing kids to church. man. i've really come to see the weighty respinsibility parents have to raise their kids in righteousness. but these kids are awesome. they want to be baptized so we'll pray the parents will not be holding them back in any way.(yes, the library in lilburn doesn't have Word so i can't use auto-correct options anymore. embrace the typos caise i am. :) )

this family has tons and tons of drama going on but at the same time, they're finally coming to understand the gospel. the best is the 8-yr old boy elijah. he remembers EVERYTHING. they came to chruch just once and he was telling us all about joseph smith and about a story in the book of mormon where a man keeps challenging God for a sign and is struck dead. then he would borrow our flip chart that has a list that tells you how to pray so he could practice. on his 2nd sunday at church he said the prayer in primary (the meeting for all the little kids). oh! and he held up a picture in of the Savior in Gethsemane and explained to us how this is when Jesus suffered so that we could all be protected and become strong. what?! he's such a champ and really the most spiritually prepared of the whole bunch. love him! and the teenage daughter has had a little bit of a "too cool" attitude until now. she;s become way involved with the youth and really wants to understand what's being taught. we finally got to teach her one-on-one the other day. then a few days later we were teaching her dad and she walked in and we asked her to explain what a prophet was and she was like..."someone who connects us to pen thing! she them the pen thing! (this object lesson we showed her)." then she said "like Thomas S. Monson." so precious! their fam has been through a LOT and it's so cool to see the gospel heal them.oh, my other favoritte thing about the Lopez is the 3-yr old Annabell. she was learning my name and the names of the people in pictures we'd show. the only problem was that some of them morphed in her head. "sis cartwright" became "rice" and joseph smith was "sniff." haha! then last visit i'd become "mister cartwright," which i guess is closer. :) she's so fun.

this kid is such an example to me. seriously. so he asked his LDS friend at school if he could come to church with her cause he thought it sounded interesting. since then he's come 3 times. we just barely started teaching him and the first appointment he was listening and taking notes in the back of his Book of Mormon. what a champ! i love seeing people who get it and who want to get it. when they're really desiring answers, the Lord will really work in yeah, those are the miracles. love it! sis jones is so happy cause she said there's so much going on finally. she's had a few really slow tranfers before this. i told her it's cause Heavenly Father knows i only have 6 months to be proselyting so He's blessing me to make them really full. seriously, we've stayed so busy every transfer. but i've had amazing, obedient companions who want to work as hard as they can so it's been so cool to see all the blessings.

anyway, better go. love you all!
--sis c

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