Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"All of your sorrows will soon vanish"

so we didn't think transfers would be a big deal so i hadn't even mentioned they're coming up. we didn't figure i would get transfered for my last 6 weeks here, esp. since the number of sisters in the mission was staying exactly the same, but apparently the Lord had other plans.

we found out mon night that i was leaving (complete shock to us) so tues i packed and we saw some investigators to teach/say goodbye. some people i just had to call, most people will just find out later. we got to see warren (the "grumpy" one) and ellery and tried to see melanie and frances. but yeah, it was really neat to realize a little bit more how much effect a mission is on other people. really surprising and humbling. i'm very grateful for the people i've met here.

i left sis b (and what had become half my wardrobe) so she could train the new sis. she's amazing and it was a blissful 6 weeks serving with her. the subject line though was from the dinner the night before we left and that was her fortune so we were laughing hysterically about it. apparently she was secrectly wishing i'd leave this whole time. :)

so...i'm in Lilburn, GA. good times! the best part is my comp is Sis jones who used to serve in hickory flat so she lived in my same apt so we already loved each other and dreamed about being comps one day. so it was awesome news when we learned we were together.

the area is WAY different from Canton. canton is a little bit more authentically southern. well, a lot more actually. some may call it "neck." but here there's like every culture imaginable represented. i hear you can knock on 10 doors and find people from like 10 diff countries. the other big difference is while there's a TON of work going on in canton, lilburn is historically a little "slower" so we're excited to get it going more. sis jones is an AMAZING missionary (i can't stress that enough) so it shouldn't be too hard.

there's luckily still a ton going on in canton. we did have one day that felt particularly unproductive because it was more meeting people who took the opportunity to pray for us to straighten out our messed up minds. :) but they were still amazing, very faithful people who've got very strong values. oh! one way cool story. we were tracting and went up to this group of adults in a driveway and talked to this latin woman and gave her a card to order a free book of mormon and told her just a little about it. as we walked away she looked at it and we heard her say under her breath "i need this." we looked at each other and turned right back around and went and told her more and got a return appt. i won't know what happens with her because i left but hopefully the Lord will continue to prepare her.

the library facilities are much sketchier here so now i can't really print out my emails like before and stuff and we have less time on the computer. so now i prefer letters versus emails if it doesn't make a difference to you all. y'all.

the address here the same as the mission office:
1150 Cole Dr. SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

k, better go but i love you all! thanks for everything. i'll leave you with a scripture. i'm not gonnna remember excactly but it was in 1 corinthians 13:9 or something. i think. or i'm way off. but it talked abuot zealously seeking after spiritual gifts for the purpose of building up the kingdom of God. i thought that was a cool reminder. we all have spiritual gifts (even if we sometimes don't feel like it) and it's vital we use them for doing the Lord's work in the way He wants us too. then we also know there are definately areas where we're weak adn we'd like to be better at. we are commanded to seek after those spiritual gifts--as long as it's for the sake of serving the Lord. it will take time adn often MUCH effort on our part but the Lord will grant them to us because He seeks to make us better instruments to serve His children.

gotta go. love you all!
--sis c

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