Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Good feelin'.... good feelin'..."

Quote from our friend Devonte we taught. We invited him to be baptized and he just sat there and listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and that's all he said while we were silent for a bit. :)

we were stranded in a different part of town for our whole p-day last week cause our library was closed so after we emailed at another library we went to a park and walked around. we met some amazing people including a lady who approached US to start talking about the church. she said she's seen it a few times and felt like she needed to go check it out but hasn't gone yet. way cool. we got to teach her and say a prayer with her right there at the playground (pretty typical for us as missionaries and luckily, here in the south, no one seems to think much of it.) then we went to a hindu temple and checked it out. it's AMAZING. all hand-carved in india and it fits together so it's not hammered or glued or anything. way neat looking. then we got ice cream. nothing tops that.

Still such a champ. We're teaching his bro now so he sits in on the lessons and basically helps us teach. We asked him what he's noticed since his baptism and he said that since he received the gift of the Holy Ghost it feels like "a constant hug." what an awesome description. this kid's such a champ. his little bro plans to be baptized in april. we're trying to work it out so he can get baptized the night before i leave--not for my sake, but because that's the night the new missionaries coming out are staying in the mission home so they could come see a baptism their very first night here. we'll see.

so there's this phenomena that happens in GA every spring where the whole world gets covered with a thin, yet very obvious layer of pollin. it's pretty extreme. we'll be out tracting and have little pollin specs all over our tags. sorta like when there's the fires and there's ash everywhere. it's pretty brutal for those with allergies, but for me it's just fascinating more than anything.

still working on their parents allowing them to be baptized. it's tough because the kids are really faithful. for example, we taught them about tithing and the next time we came over destiny had a couple dollar bills and some coins--a tenth of all he had to his name--all ready to give us. we explained it doesn't quite work like that, but what an example of faith! they're so great!! they've made such an effort to clean up their lives. destiny is trying to get rid of all the violent video games he plays and sunshine is trying hard to obey the word of wisdom so sh'es careful what she's putting into her body. they read the scriptures lots even though they dont' fully understand them yet.oh! this is the best story about destiny. the coolest thing as a missionary is watching those you teach internalize it and then later teach you. :) when we teach the 10 commandments we do a silly hand trick that teaches them the commandments in order. for "thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain" the hand thing is you gasp and cover your mouth with 3 fingers (like you would with your whole hand if you said something wrong, but it's the 3rd commandment so you use 3. anyway...) so destiny the other day was telling a story about something at school and he was getting a little upset and in his story said the Lord's name in vain. as soon as he did it his eyes got big and he gasped and covered his mouth with 3 fingers. haha! it was the best thing ever. sis jones and i were dying!

Sunshine and Lani Lopez came to the Young Women's broadcast last Sat. it was way cool because all the girls welcomed them with open arms and invited them to sit by them. as a missionary you're so very aware of your visitors you bring adn any amount of time they have to spend without someone talking to them, but the girls were awesome and helped them to feel so at home. then a lot of the talks were about standing for your values when no one else is and it made me happy cause sunshine goes to a super sketchy school (alternative-type) and is exposed to a lot of bad things. i try and remind her that she's at that school so she can be a light to people and to always look for the people who need her example. it was an awesome night though.i'm so thankful for this gospel. i'm thankful for the clarity it gives you. all the time we meet people who tell us you don't have to agree with everything your church teaches because some of it is man-made. we agree with them that since the time that Christ's apostles were killed, thousands of changes have been made by men. but then we're able to bear testimony that God doesn't want it that way. He loves us enough that He wants us to have all the pieces and all the answers in this life to understand most fully how to return to Him. He wants us to have a prophet today to help keep the doctrine pure. He wants to guide us through these problems unique to our day so He would put a church on the earth with Chirst at the head and with a prophet to receive revelation for the whole world. I testify that that is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Bible teaches us to judge a prophet by his fruits. We have the opportunity this weekend to see the prophet and 12 apostles speak to the world so i encourage everyone to tune in, to see what they are saying, to ask your Father in Heaven if they are His appointed servants in our day. I leave you with my testimony that they are because the Lord has let me know that time and time again through the power of the Holy Ghost and I know He will do the same for all of His children as they seek.

i love you all!!
--sis c

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