Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Why quit?"

Inspiring quote by Hans Smith.

He was a service elder last summer. He lives outside Nauvoo. He has a disease I can’t think of the name of right now so he’s confined to a wheelchair. Last summer he was hit by a car (he was in a wheelchair before that though) and we talked about the missionary work that’s come as a result of that (some of it to the driver of the car). I complimented him on being such an awesome missionary even though he wasn’t a full-time one anymore (something a lot of people struggle keeping up after they’re released). He just looked at me and said, “why quit?” I thought it was such a profound and powerful statement. This mission has been very purifying and changing in many ways and I hope I can keep that attitude. Why quit doing the things that I know will make me the most happy. Throughout and after my mission. (Don’t worry, skirts and nylons isn’t in that list of things :) ).

So a couple weeks ago we played a nighttime game of Capture the Flag. We did the 2nd summer sisters versus 1st summer. They told us they’d win cause we were old and tired. Unfortunately, they were right. Haha! But also we were being much braver so ya know, there’s a price for that. But I did come away with mud all over my leg, making me look tough at least. I don’t remember the point of that story and in fact, may have already written about it. Well, enjoy either way.

So one quick story, took a family on a tour of the Heber C. Kimball home. (My comp LOVES wearing her pioneer dress. It’s amazing! I love it!) This older man came in and couldn’t talk. He just sort of motioned. I got excited and signed to ask if he was deaf. He wasn’t. He’d had a stroke. I took his fam on the tour but there was just something about this man. Something in his eyes throughout the whole thing. This story has no amazing ending, just that the Spirit was so powerful throughout the entire thing. He testimony and faith came through just by his countenance—even when he couldn’t talk. That just really stuck with me.

K, here it is…Moroni 10:32. It’s about becoming perfected in Christ. I know this is possible (not in this life obviously, but after) because God, as the perfect Parent, wants us to have all of the blessings that He enjoys. As much as we let Him, He will help us prepare to receive them. :)

Love you all,
Sis. Cartwright

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