Wednesday, September 24, 2008

“Nothing says 26 like dill spears.”

Quote inspired by the jar of pickles I found on my doorstep Mon. night that kicked off the bday celebration.

“What are you doing on my doorstep and why are you in a pioneer dress?”

So Sis. Granja, the crazy Brazilian I’ve been blessed to live with for months, has had a few precious moments lately. The quote above comes from when she and her companion were practicing door approaches (randomly knocking on someone’s door to share the gospel). Since practicing with the temple missionaries hasn’t been entirely accurate in that regard, I suggested they practice rejections with each other. It’s a little demoralizing but very helpful. :) Anyway, so Sis. Alexander (now cousins-in-law with April Fisher we discovered) was “knocking on the door” and that’s how Sis. G answered since Sis. A was indeed in a pioneer dress. Ah, too funny. Maybe not on paper though.

The other moments with Sis. G were in a teaching appt. I went with their companionship. We showed up at the house and the woman we were teaching opens the door and Sis. G calls out cheerfully, “Goodnight!” Stunned and awkward pause. Then “uh…I mean good evening. Uh, goodnight and goodbye.” Then hysteric laughter from all. She’s quite proficient in Engl. but every once in a while that language barrier comes back and bites her in the bum.

Thanks for all the bday emails and letters and fun. It was so good to hear from so many of you. I’m really excited to read everyone’s updates. I love you all! :) I had a fun day. We had a surprise breakfast at the Cambre in the morning. At my suggestion, the pancakes turned into choc chip pancakes and it was bliss. (Sis. Lancaster who loathes pancakes but can’t resist chocolate just sat there staring at them, confused what to do. Poor thing.) At the VC one of the senior missionaries found out it was my bday and ran promptly to Ducks (the one and only convenience store in Nauvoo) and got all my favorite treats and made a little cake out of them in the VC. So precious. Then at night we had dot cake with dot frosting. My comp even shaped it into a “C” (she’s pretty good). We enjoyed it with the fake rotten Halloween teeth that Sheena sent. (Ok, we took them out to eat, but not to sing or blow out candles). All in all, fun day. Best part was I got to be a missionary! :)

To clarify: I’m in Nauvoo until Oct. 8 (that means whoever is secretly coming to see me better come soon) :) and then I serve in the Peoria mission until the beginning of Dec. I go home on the 4th. Address-wise, just keep sending everything to Nauvoo and they will forward it. I’ll let you know later if there’s a better way but that’ll be easiest.

Ok, time has flown again. I had lots of stories but they’re gone. Just want to let you know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. Very specifically. Almost like He means it when he says “Ask and ye shall receive.” The very most important thing to Him is our happiness. As we follow the Spirit in knowing what to ask for, then we can know it’s according to His will and will help us to become what we need to become. And something to ponder: Mosiah 2:41. So simple and true.

Love you all!
-Sis. Cartwright

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