Friday, July 6, 2007

DRAKE-WING DUCK (what? K, ignore that….)
The Drakes are in town and came to see me. I was delighted that it happened to be on a day when I was sporting the period clothing so I could proudly show off the gingham (which Karalyn had to inform me is not in fact gingham. She would. But we decided the alliteration makes it cool enough that the misnomer is acceptable. Plus Sis Faulkner thinks I’m really cool for knowing what gingham is so I can’t let her down…) Anyway, it’ll be delightful to get to see them for the next couple of days. We’re on our way to lunch at their place right now. Precious!

So this is cool. There’s a Deaf convention here this weekend and it’s been awesome! I gave 4 or 5 different signing tours yesterday. Wahoo! It was so fun and I got really pumped up. We’re interpreting for them tonight at the pageant. 80 of them. Yikes. But it’s cool cause last night we practiced for the dress rehearsal and it just so happened that one of the men there was the interpreting coordinator from UVSC and unbeknownst to us he watched us and took notes and then came and gave us tips afterwards. Such a cool blessing to have that much-needed help. He reminded us that we’re the messengers, not the message and that the pageant and the spirit there will speak for itself.

So I’m trying to keep myself in check to not develop too many robotic, insincere habits. Like really fake smiles or compliments. That can be hard when you interact with 100s of ppl everyday and you want to show them all that you think they’re rad. So I’ve definitely been unsuccessful to a point. I’ve developed this cute little half-wave, smile thing that I apparently do quite liberally and without discretion. I realized this yesterday when I went out to go for a run and did my little half-wave smile to the bunny on the lawn across the street. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the bunny appreciated it in a way… Eesh. Sis. South (my running buddy) was dying. But I felt a little better remembering how when Scott got off his mission we were walking the streets of High Country West and he said “hola” to a dog.

The pageant is here and I’m beginning to get why the sis missionaries from last year are all so pumped. It’s amazing! Not just the sheer work and talent that goes into it but the awesome spirit it brings. When we were practicing with the cast one day for interpreting they were starting the very first scene. They were all in the street clothes even but as soon as the music was going and they were all piling onto the stage I started to get all teary. What? It hadn’t even started. There’s just SUCH a strong spirit at the pageant. And it’s an awesome missionary tool. It teaches a lot about the restored gospel and it really motivates those who are of our faith to want to share it and those of other faiths often realize when they’re here that they felt something special and gain a desire to know more. Then we get to be there with open arms to help teach them more and offer to have missionaries deliver a soundtrack of the performance and a Book of Mormon to them and share a message. So cool! The Lord wants us to do missionary work and He’ll help give us the tools so we can invite the Spirit and it can touch people. It’s important to remember that as a full-time missionary my purpose behind EVERYTHING I do is to help bring people unto Christ. This is imperative because it’s only through Him that we can be saved. But not only have eternal salvation but also have comfort, strength, and healing in this life. All other aspects of the gospel, families, etc. are appendages to help get us there.

Ok, I’m gonna make this short. I love you all and I love hearing from you when you have time.

With lots and lots of love,
-Sis. Cartwright

p.s. being a missionary is rad. :)

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