Monday, November 3, 2008

"Right next to the Greek Orthodontix church..."

Sis Soza giving directions to our church bldg. Ha! We'll blame it on the language barrier. :) The best part was once she realized what she said she was almost laughing too hard to finish the phone conversation.

last sunday we were driving by a house where we've been trying to meet the member who lives there. we saw the light on so sis soza said, in a stroke of inspiration, "hey, let's try the kings." they answered and let us right in. the mom hasn't been to church in years but somehow she just recently showed up on the records.and she has a 15 yr-old kid who's not but he's definately been searching. he's SUCH a good kid. anyway, we asked him on the phone how he felt when he prayed about the Book of Mormon and we loved the way he described it. He said, "It felt really good. Perfect, actually. Very calming....kinda made me tired." Ha!

so remember last sunday when i did the really awkward contacting to the brazilians? so we're teaching one of them, gustavo. he works for John Deere (like 1 out of every 10 ppl we meet) and he knows engl but not tons--at least not as much when talking about the gospel. so we were trying to find ppl who spoke portuguese to go with us. the night before our appt the other sisters told us they randomly tracted into a house where the girl who answered exclaimed "i'm LDS! i just moved here and have been looking for the church!" wow. ok. :) even cooler, she moved from san diego! she was in the la jolla singles ward and was just baptized in like feb. her name's paula for those who might know her. even BETTER is that she's from brazil. so she came with us to teach gustavo the next day and got to testify in his own language. it was way cool. he's concerned though becuase his fam is the most importnat thing to him adn he doesn't want to go away from the religion that they all are because he doesn't want it to separate the fam. at the same time, he said they all have things in their church they disagree with. we tried to help him see that perhaps the Lord is showing him he gospel so he can take it to his family. I don't know what'll happen with him but he's an amazing guy who has amazing values. Hopefully we can keep teaching him adn it was so neat to see how the Lord looks out for us and sends us just who we need. :)

Also last night we were tracting in our neighborhood and we knocked on a door (after many less than glad-to-see-us people) and the man just kinda listened to us for a sec then walked away. Then his wife pops up and says, "hey! where are you from?!" We said, "oh, well, we live here in the area temporarily. We're missionaries..." "I know. Where are you FROM?" (This is a tip-off that ppl are either LDS or have friends cause most ppl don't know we'er not from here.) Anyway, we tell here and she says "I'm from Pleasant Grove! [UT] Come in and get some water!" Nevermind that it's 7pm and we just came from dinner. We weren't thirsty at all but of course we took her up on it. :) She was so stinkin sweet. Anyway, turns out she grew up in the Church. Her fam's all still members but she converted to another faith and is raising her fam in that. But she's lived in UT and ID her whole life til recently. Anyway, it was a cool connection to make and she lives right by us so hopefully we can see her more. We're going to introduce her to Sis. Herbst cause their kids are the same age. Cool cause hopefully even that little connection was an answer to her fmaily's prayers. she was so cute.

by the way, there are tons of indian fams here and now, jsut from tracting, we've experienced duvaldi (dewaldi...whatever) desserts and seen an evening prayer ceremonish thing. they always invite us right in to talk. they're so great! love it.

Anyway, scrip to ponder: Moroni 9:6. Did I just do that one already? Well that's the one I want to do, so sorry if i did. :)

--sis c

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