Monday, October 20, 2008

"You mean the wicked people?"

only 8 min to write. we'll see how it goes...

so there's this really cool river town here. LeClaire. it's tiny, but famous. yes famous b/c it's the birthplace of "america's first superstar" that's right! you guessed it! Buffalo Bill. he lived here in his "formative yrs" (ages 1-5). there's a whole museum about it. news to me that buffalo bill is a real person. anyway, they have a cute little "main" street and one day we went contacting down. cool and we found some neat ppl. the only prob was it was decorated for halloween so we had a couple false alarms where we almost went up to one of the many scarecrows they had around and started talking to them about the gospel. yikes.

k, maybe that's an exaggeration. but we went on a trampoline today for the first time in at least 18 mths. there's one in our backyard. talk about exhilarating. the next biggest adventure though will be if they let us go to the john deere museum. it's just outside our area. this is the headquarters of john deere (betcha didn't know that). in fact, we were watching this little boy play with toy trucks and he brings one up to his mom and she goes, "yes, that's a combine." hmm. the 2-yr olds know more about it than we do.

so the other day we felt prompted to tract a street. it was near "friendship park" so we figured the people had to be nice. we went for an hour and a half with not much luck. then we stood at a corner trying to decide if we should keep going straight or turn around. (apparently the Lord was up there just shaking His head saying, "the house is RIGHT THERE...just one more.") we knocked one more door and it opens and the dad stands there with a big grin and says "Hi!!! come on in!!" he and his two cute kids and the puppy welcome us with open arms. what the? did we accidentally tract into members. that's cool. we can play it off like we're just dropping by. the more they talked we soon realized they WEREN'T members but just totally acted like it. they have some best friends who are and they used to live just outside Palmyra, NY (where Joseph Smith grew up) and have seen the pageant out there and everything. turns out his friend once told him that if he ever sees mormon missionaries to at least let them in and offer then a drink. so they did. he had a million questions about missions and how they work so he fired away. eventually we backed up and told him the real point of why we're here and that God has restored His church on the earth. we're going back tonight for a Family Home Evening. :) love it!!

gotta run!
--sis c

p.s. 2 Nephi 2:24-27

p.s. quote is little boy who thought we were going to go teach the gosp to the "wicked people" clearly he's been reading too much scriptures. :)

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