Monday, July 28, 2008

"I know it's true. So much that I can't not share it."

Quote from awesome visitor. Powerhouse member missionary. Hope I can have that perspective.

Transfers took me by surprise, as usual. I was pretty sure Sis. Rancie and I were staying together until pageant was through since we need to work on pageant stuff together but we’ve been split. We’ve been together since April. This makes her my 2nd longest comp. We’re bummed but we’ll still be in the same house. (You never get transferred too far here :) ). We’re also both way pumped about our new comps and housemates. They’ll be 4 of us in the little house still. Both of our comps are newer and have never served in Nauvoo (both just in Carthage) so it’ll be fun living with them down on the flats. Our house is right with the sites. In fact, the wagon ride drives past us like 15 times a day at least. We poke our heads out and wave. ….Only in Nauvoo.

Anyway, my new comp is Sis. Thomas. For those of you who remember, I’ve already had a comp with that name. :) This is a diff one. She’s from SLC, went to BYU. We’re buddies already. She’s way cool. And the 4 of us are all very excited for the variety of closets we’ll have. Then the 2nd coolest part, drumroll….partway through the transfer I’m getting my first ever ASL companion! She’s coming in Aug and I’m so stoked to be able to have language study with my comp. It’ll be a dream. I don’t know much about her yet but I’ll fill you in when she gets here.

So just when I think my mission isn’t THAT unusual, we have nights like last night. We had a Sunday Sociable put on by this band that plays this LDS country music. Now normally of course, that would make me throw up, but all their music is about Nauvoo and the pioneers so somehow it finds a special way into my heart. It’s the Nashville Tribute music for those of you who are into your LDS pop culture. Anyway, they were doing a show last night outdoors but of course a flash thunderstorm came so plans were changed. Long story short we found ourselves hanging out listening to this live concert at like 10:45pm. What the? It was just a hilarious situation and we just kept looking at each other saying, “this isn’t right.” For those who don’t get how weird that is, we were up past curfew (with our mission pres there, mind you) listening to music that is abnormally lively for most missionaries and probably not even allowed in some missions. Ha! So bizarre.

So we’re still calling people about the CDs. We’re getting some YPMs and pageant cast and even random visitors to come help. They love doing it. The coolest was this random 17 yr-old convert kid who road to Nauvoo from WI on his bike. Of course. He’s been in Nauvoo a few days and loved it and told someone he was praying for missionary opportunities and so he ended up getting in touch with us and coming to help in the call center. He loved it and was awesome. What a champ. We have a few pre-mission people coming in to help and they love it. Such a good chance to get used to talking to just about anyone and testifying in little ways.
Welp, gotta run. I want you all to know that any efforts we make in bringing others closer to Christ is the Lord’s work. As we keep his commandments and honor our covenants He will give us the power we need to do His work.

Love you all!
- Sis C

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