Thursday, June 12, 2008

"I feel Amish..."

Quote from Sis. Rancie as we were in the Women's Garden pulling up wild onions next to someone who was laying bricks and someone else trimming trees and everyone who was waving happily to each other. Ahh, yes.

i got to see a senior couple that i served closely with in GA. they came through nauvoo adn it was so good to see them. i got to show them how to make shoes with wooden pegs. yes, i'm becoming so self-sufficient!

i also saw devan w quackenbush adn his wife amy (blair's cous) for those who that concerns. it was way good to see them adn to talk about their missionary work with their possibly mofia-invovled friend. :)

i also saw an elder from GA. incidentally, every time i saw him i was gardening, on a mandatory temple assignment, out to eat, or some other very non-proseylting type activity. i think he's pretty well convinced i'm not really serving a mission. or maybe he's just jealous...

So this was some insight from Elder Burt when he came to visit (I love that I get to be uplifted by the visitors all day...). He was telling me he was tihnking about the scripture that said "many are called, but few are chosen..." and saying that he used to think that it was kind of an exclusive thing where God didn't choose us. He then realized that the really choosing happens with all. "Many are called..." meaning the gospel is offered to many or many are born into it. "...but few are chosen" really refers to the individual choice we each have whether to cling onto the truths we have or accept them when they're offered to us. One of Satan's biggest weapons, as we know, is complancy--feeling like we're doing fine and that just being a good person is enough. We have the option to CHOOSE Christ every time we prioritize our day, every time we debate doing something that we know we've been taught not to do, or doing something that will require extra faith on our part. Another visitor said that, along those same lines, we are "rejecting" Christ in those little ways when we deliberately choose things that drive us further away from Him.

Anyway, I loved their insights.

I loved talking to you, fam. And Happy Mother's Day to all my psuedo-mothers out there! Love you!
-- Sis C

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