Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Hey! They brought the Lil' Un!"

Quote from Virgil Pressley, an investigator in the Hickory Flat Ward. He’d hassled me cause I kept not coming over there cause we kept being on splits when they’d teach him so he was excited I came that time. In case you need a translation, that means “little one” reference to me. Virgil is amazing and even though he doesn’t think he has a testimony yet and isn’t quite ready to give up smoking. But he defended the Book of Mormon to one of his relatives saying that it’s true and that it supports the Bible and teaches the same thing cause it’s coming from God through ancient prophets just like the Bible. He’s awesome and so selfless even though they have so little right now.

Hey everyone! I got lots of good emails this week so thanks! Either my sis sent out some kind of reminder or everyone had the same idea at the same time. :) Either way, I appreciate it. I love the updates.

Just so you know, I also love pics (they tend to always be of babies these days…) but I can’t click into a website to look at them or anything so you can just send them as attachments or print and send in real mail. Yeah, that’s the deal.

Wahoo! I’m so excited! I’m with Sis. Becker. She’s way rad. She’s just really on top of it, from what I can tell. Funny cause her comp before this was Sis. Dalley who’s the other Nauvoo sister out here with me so she’s getting inundated with Nauvoo-ness. One of the best things about her is she’s about my exact same size so despite having to put up with endless jokes and comments about it, we can totally share closets! Plus, she has a really good sense of style (as much as that can be manifest as missionaries). And we already got way lost together just getting back from transfer meeting and we still get along just great! :) She really is way cool. I’m way excited!

Sad to say bye to Sis. Sinclair but not TOO sad cause I know I’ll see her again since she lives near LA. Plus everything on a mission just isn’t as sad cause it’s just always changing and you’re always just plowing on to the next thing.Last transfer was CRAZY so while I’m going to miss some of the investigators in Hickory Flat, I’m really glad in a way to have just one area again because I feel like we’ll be able to be a little more focused.

Sis. Leakehe is training Sis. Parker, also from Boise. Sis. L just about peed her pants last night when she found out she’s training cause she’s just super humble and unsuspecting. It was hysterical. They’ll be an awesome team. It’ll be fun to have someone fresh from the MTC in the apt. And the best part is SHE RUNS!!!!!! Yep, she was like some track star or something. So hopefully she’ll kick my butt. And since she’s from ID she shouldn’t be scared of the cold.

So it snowed here. Maybe a fourth to a half an inch and don’t worry—they canceled school! It was hilarious. Everyone was outside making mini snowmen. It was cool. It was really pretty and way good to get the moisture and the Lord kept the roads not icey for us so we could still go about the work. At one member’s house we pulled up to, their 11-yr old boy was outside that day with plywood and 2x4s making a sled. The poor kid. Not only did the sled look extremely unsafe, but the snow was surely melted by the time it was ready. Totally reminded me of something Scott would’ve done though.

Not much else to report, mostly cause we don’t have time. But the work rolls forth! There’s still lots going on. In one of the testimonies of a departing missionary today we were reminded that everything we have comes from the Lord. That all the resources we have, all the investigators we have, all the times we open our mouths and they are filled with what to say—that all comes from the Lord and His infinite wisdom and infinite mercy that makes us, as inept as we are, tools in His hands to do His work.

I love being here. Thanks for all the support! :) Life is good. I appreciate the prayers for our peeps out here too.

Love you all! :)
-Sis. Cartwright

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