Friday, August 31, 2007

hey everybody!

so something that just sorta entertains me while i'm on my mission is the frequency with which i put on two different color nylons. now, i'm not a's a really slight difference, esp before they're on your legs, so that means that i usually don't notice until i'm out the door. then i'll be walking to the jail and i'll watch my legs and think, "pink skin tones, yellow skin tones, pink skin tones, yellow skin tones...." then when i sit i cross my ankles and stare lovingly at my mismatched skin. now i don't even care cause i secretly kind of like it. not sure why.

so yesterday outside the jail i saw two boys piled up on this deformed looking 4-wheeler driving along the street. of course. then walking home i saw them in a yard riding the deformed 4-wheeler and it turned out to be this crazy lawnmower. of course. then this morning i was running and we had to wait to cross the street cause someone else was riding by on their lawnmower. what the? i just like it. although it taunts me a little as it reminds me of my unfulfilled dream to ride a lawnmower.

so i try and pray really hard to make each tour count at carthage. and every tour really is amazing and different even though you say most of the same things because there's a set script of the facts to present. but anyway, i often invite the visitors to go into a tour with a prayer in their hearts that they can really be taught by the Spirit and learn what they need to. so this particular tour was just two grandparents and their grandson. we were listening to the recording of part of the tour and i take that time to really think and pray before i end with my testimony. so this time i just had a random thought about joseph smith and the absence of hatred he had towards his persecutors throughout his life. so i shared that thought with them at the end, although it's not anything i've shared before cause it's nothing i'd really thought about before. at the end of the tour there was such a strong feeling in the room. everyone was very still and very quiet. they were all pretty emotional and i let them be there with just their family at the end while i waited downstairs. at the end of the tour the grandma just told me how they've had some things their family has been struggling with that is leaving them really having to forgive people and it's been a really hard thing with them and that the things that were mentioned in the tour really hit home with her in a whole new way, even though she's taken this tour a couple times before. that's the coolest thing. that's how the Holy Ghost works. when prayers are offered (or even sometimes when they're not) the Lord will work on a need we have through other people and it's so, so neat to be a part of that. i had no idea what was going on in their lives and i still don't but the Lord does and He made sure they heard what they needed to, whether it was through something i said or just though the Spirit touching their hearts. i love it! it's the coolest thing and it's something we can have the comfort of every day as we live worthy of it.

ok, love you all. see ya!

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