Friday, June 1, 2007

so yeah...i'm leaving the MTC on tues. the 5th. so i guess all those fat packages that are on their way up to me will just have to be forwarded. :) it was very sudden. it all happened last tues within a couple of hours. i got moved out of my district and from my comp. i'm in a threesome with sis. lancaster (the other ASL miss.) and sis. soza. they're both going to nauvoo so we're doing the VC training all together this week. it's a little lonley though cause the way it timed out we're the only three in the class so we learn by ourselves, eat by ourselves, have gym by ourselves....and to think, i was just getting good at volleyball. :) so i do miss my comp and my district but i have class right upstairs so i try to see them a couple times a day if i can and i still sleep in the same room with all my home-sisters. :)what else? OH!!!! this story is LONG overdue but i keep forgetting to tell a while ago sis white and i were having one of our many chats trying to ease our communication problems. and i don't know if i mentioned this but she'd ask me throughout the day many times if i was mad at her. pretty much after everything i said. i explained to her often that i really don't get mad very easily and that if i am i'll tell her. but i was so confused why i always came across as mad...any guesses?? that's right! the ANGRY-CONFUSED face!!! how could i have been so blind! it was so obvious but it took me DAYS to figure out. so i just laughed as soon as i realized and we had a chat about it and she was like, "yeah! that's the face! you do it all the time!!" and it's cause she really does confuse me a good amt of the time. haha! oh, too bad. i for reals almost lost a comp over it. :) but we worked it out and by the very next day she said i was getting lots better. i for reals even prayed that i'd stop making the face. ah, good times.what else? i have a hideous blister/welt thing on the back of my foot. it's totally rockin. and with the blackish marks that your show permanently leaves on your foot it makes it look even more hard-core. awesome.the biggest challenge is still to feel tired at 10:30 at night. lots of laying in bed completely wired at the end of the day. but i'm working on it. i still fall asleep faster than i otherwise would cause i for reals pray for it. i know, i'm a freak.the new comps are awesome. we all have the same work ethic and they're both very laid-back so it works out well. i'm sad to leave the disctrict tues but the elders were leaving then anyway so at least i get to carpool with them on the way to the airport. they're all going to the phoenix mission. is an extra p-day (hence the email). i don;'t know when my next one will be.what else? i've found lots of ppl who know sis salisbury or sis pinkal. there's an elder here who was here when sis p was and she taught him some lessons it russian. warms my heart.thanks for all the emails/letter this week everyone. it was so, so good to hear how everyone is doing and what's going on. even if some of the letters invovled creepy fairy stickers (which, yes, is exactly what i called them out loud before i read that was exactly what you wrote. ha!)i'm excited to go to nauvoo. our VC teacher explained to us that there are about 50,000+ missionaries right now. only 6-7000 are sisters. only 400 get called VC and 200 of those are temple square. only 18 go to nauvoo and we also learned that only 4 of us are or have ever done ASL there. yep. we're the very first batch of ASL missionaries in nauvoo. no pressure. the mission pres is stoked to get us out there though.a man from church headquarters came down to answer a lot of our Qs aoubt nauvoo and stuff. very informative. mom, don't worry. he said the wal-mart's only like 15 min away and they let us go even though it's outside the boundaires. we stay in little houses/apts, not all together like i thought. if you're in carthage you're there for a whole transfer and they don't always send the sisters all away for the winter. so only time will tell.some funny MTC moments: we had the hottest mtg ever last week. super stuffy and stuff. afterwards sis white said she was pretty sure her nylons had sweated to her butt. don't know why that was so funny to me but it was. mostly cause when she's jkoking like that she doesn't even seem to realize it and says it dead serious. and then in a prayer and elder was trying to mention another elder in it cause he injured his finger in the intense v-ball game adn he said "...and please be with elder lundgreen's finger..." awesome. sorry about all my funny prayer stories if it seems a little sac-religous but after saying about 20 prayers/day you're bound to have some. :)oh and last night i was thinking things in my head then i walked into my room wheere the other sisters were and just mumbled and stopped and sis h said, "ok, you just walked into the room and said 'ish'!" haha! little does she know how significant that word can be.saw someone i knew again at the temple today. (jaylyn, for all my p-town friends). a teacher here recogizned me from the testing center. that's awkward. haha!mostly things are still way good. i know i've only seen the tip of the iceburg so far but i'm so excited to go do this work. i'm so excited to share the truth of the gospel. i often forget there's ppl who really don't understand or know the truths that i do. even as simple as Heavenly Father's love for them. and then to be able to share with someone that there is a living prophet on the earth today and that Christ's church was restored through Joseph Smith and that the Book of Mormon is truly written by ancient prophets. it's a bold msg but i know it's true. i've prayed all my life about it and still here at the MTC and everytime i just know stronger and stronger that it's true and that coming to Christ and keeping the commandments will help us find the answers we need. i'm grateful for that and for His Atonement and the great strength that's been to me. i'm so, so thankful to be able to let others hear that and feel that.thanks for reading, those of you who have like a good 15 min to spend on my emails each week. :) sorry they're so long but what can ya do? it's hard to summarize this experience quickly.oh, and i feel like i still hang out with a lot of you. my dreams still mostly happen with stuff and ppl from before. i'm not usually on a mission in my dreams. so i've got quite a few memories of everyone just since being here. :) haha.ok, love you all!-sis C

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